Saving Stranger

05 Jan

The world is on fire
I can’t tell up from down
I listen for my inner voice
it’s drowned out by the sound

Of suffering and sadness
and madness on repeat
of screaming, sirens wailing;
you call this shit the street?

I call this shit transgression
against the human race
I call it like I see it, bro
you ain’t ahead of pace

You’re right in line
you’re right in line
and will be till the end.
The system has you cornered.
These people aren’t your friend.

So look over your shoulder
and open up your eyes.
You’re living in a shadow world
your knowledge is a lie.

The world is on fire
I can’t tell up from down
I try to speak my mind
but I cannot make a sound

Or maybe no one’s listening
or maybe they can’t hear
or maybe it’s the programming
that blocks me from your ear

Turn off the fucking t.v.
Turn on your fucking minds.
Forget your race and gender
social constructs had their time.

Let’s face a new reality
that’s been there all along
It’s right here waiting for us
at the end of this song.

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