///Just another Thursday\

11 Apr

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(scene: monterey, california, thursday, 2014, april. Stoned. watching baseball. bantering aesthetics.)

Kraig: Let’s smoke weed about it.

Tyler: You don’t say. Pack a bowl, asshole.

Kraig: That seems like yr job, lately.

Tyler: You don’t say.

Kraig: What goes around, comes around. (Tyler passes the Gobblin over to Kraig, characteristically offering him greens.) Nah, you should probably spark that.

Tyler: Why, thank you, my lady.

Kraig: Does that make you my sugar daddy?

Tyler: I thought we were dating? Just don’t tell Theresa.

Kraig: Yr fiance is pretty damn intuitive, buddy.

Tyler: What’s next, where do we go from here?

Kraig: Tyler, the walls move when I look at them. Why are you asking me?

Tyler: I can work myself into that frenzy too, buddy.

Kraig: Yea, you yell and I laugh.

Tyler: But we’re both crying the whole time.

Kraig: Practiced hands are insanity.

Tyler: Wait, so where were we?


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