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I've been writing for about 10 years. I'll be posting only recent work here, nothing old. I'm a student of Creative Writing and Rhetoric. I'm trying to network with this blog and read some wonderful and inspirational writing.

Monterey Jazz Festival

Monterey Jazz Festival

An article I wrote about the Monterey Jazz Festival, which was awesome.

The Lutrinae

Tyler Gidney

Three Days of Music for $50!

The 57th annual Monterey Jazz Festival will take place on the Monterey County Fairgrounds Sept. 19 – 21. This is the world’s longest running jazz festival and it is easy to see why. Every year, the Monterey Jazz Festival strives to bring the newest, most innovative artists in the jazz community right here to the Central Coast.  The festival also reaches out to students by providing access to all three days of the festival for $50 with ID.

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GIVE A D.A.M.N. – Revolutionaries Among Us

An article I wrote about a local ANARCHIST group in Monterey. They changed almost every instance of the word ANARCHIST in this story to the word activist. Not cool. But whatever.

The Lutrinae

 Local Activist Group Helps Students Think Critically about Society

Tyler Gidney, Staff Reporter

What do poetry readings, discussions about radical political texts, prisoner correspondence groups, a literary zine, Palestinian solidarity and the Monterey County Cop Watch have in common? They are all projects of the activist collective called the Direct Action Monterey Network, or D.A.M.N for short.

In the back of Old Capitol Books in historic downtown Monterey, surrounded by the musty smell of millions of pages of knowledge on ten-foot-high shelves, the D.A.M.N group discusses topics that range from political and social theory to matters of local homelessness and police violence.

D.A.M.N. is described by its members as “a forum for anarchists, feminists, socialists, and other anti-authoritarian revolutionaries in the Monterey and Salinas area to find each other, discuss ideas and news and take action!”

The group, which consists of several former and current CSUMB students and faculty…

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What Do We Want? A Fair Contract! When Do We Want It? NOW!

What Do We Want? A Fair Contract! When Do We Want It? NOW!

An artice I wrote for the Otter Realm

The Lutrinae

CSU faculty protest for smaller classes, adequate raises

Tyler Gidney, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, in the shadow of California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB)’s Tanimura and Antel Family Memorial Library, dozens of current faculty and their allies dressed in black and gathered to mourn the 100th day since their labor contract expired on June 30.  The group then marched in a “funeral procession” to President Ochoa’s office to deliver personal letters regarding the hardship placed on faculty by the absence of a fair contract.  IMG_6251

This planned action was not only carried out here at CSUMB, but was a coordinated effort by the California Faculty Association (CFA) to organize protests on all CSU campuses.  The protests were designed by the CFA and its local teams on each campus to call university  presidents to make different decisions regarding allocation of funds and to support the faculty that could…

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Home(less) for the Holidays

Home(less) for the Holidays

I wrote this for the Otter Realm. Check it out.

The Lutrinae

An Inside Look at Chinatown “Sweeps”

Tyler Gidney, Staff Reporter 

Salinas’ Chinatown is by the definition of most, a ghetto.  While it is not on the scale of Skid Row in Los Angeles, Chinatown’s streets and shelters do play home to approximately 200 women, men, and children on any given night.

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I can’t remember
my last

It must have been
some time

Perhaps existing
now suffices,

perhaps not, who
can know?

Perhaps it’s just the pot.

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///Just another Thursday\

Check out Bard Publishing. Send them stuff if you want it published.


(scene: monterey, california, thursday, 2014, april. Stoned. watching baseball. bantering aesthetics.)

Kraig: Let’s smoke weed about it.

Tyler: You don’t say. Pack a bowl, asshole.

Kraig: That seems like yr job, lately.

Tyler: You don’t say.

Kraig: What goes around, comes around. (Tyler passes the Gobblin over to Kraig, characteristically offering him greens.) Nah, you should probably spark that.

Tyler: Why, thank you, my lady.

Kraig: Does that make you my sugar daddy?

Tyler: I thought we were dating? Just don’t tell Theresa.

Kraig: Yr fiance is pretty damn intuitive, buddy.

Tyler: What’s next, where do we go from here?

Kraig: Tyler, the walls move when I look at them. Why are you asking me?

Tyler: I can work myself into that frenzy too, buddy.

Kraig: Yea, you yell and I laugh.

Tyler: But we’re both crying the whole time.

Kraig: Practiced hands are insanity.

Tyler: Wait, so where were we?


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This is Poetry:

I’m happy to say that I am participating in the challenge this week with a poem aptly titled “This is Poetry”.  It’s a poem about what poetry is to me.  I hope you all enjoy and check out the wonderful community at Trifecta. 

This is Poetry:   

The word gnaws on flesh and bone, feasts on the heart of things, sings from the gutter; “meat for the synagogue, cast on the pavement.”

This is Poetry:   

Knowing that we exist outside of our conditional mindset; we are more than the sum of our programs/we are more than the culmination of our experiences/we are more than we realize and more than we’d like to admit because then we might just have to take a handful of responsibility for our actions/we are more than a reaction to stimuli/

This is Poetry:   

Time does not exist as a measurable unit unless you build a structure in which you create that unit and, by doing so, create time itself.  I am time/I am outside of time/I am the new unit of measure.  I am just a human being making the noises of my species.

This is Poetry:   

The stars exhaust me, infinity makes me sad and darkness overwhelms me – but that can all be overcome by being present in the moment where there is nothing to fear; not even death, not even pain, not even loss or darkness or infinity or spiders.  Nothing.  Not in this moment.  This moment is my eternal poem.

This is Poetry:   

Hard hitting hindrance to silence’s reign of terror, to fear’s quest for control, to domination’s ivory tower, to oppression’s hidden agenda, to the elite’s propaganda machine, to the hot breath of the rapist, to the cool kiss of politicized death, to the tempest of tortured innocents, to the terror of walls built higher and higher, to my own soul’s darkest corners.

This is Poetry:   

Not a violent revolution, not a war, not a fight to the death, not a battle cry, not a mournful sob or an inhuman howl; but simple human love in honest light exposed for those who dare to witness it with fullness of sorrow and ecstasy/fully conscious monsters of humanity/WE/as one poet//compose the world into existence-

And this/is poetry…


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